In the vibrant world of online gaming, the visual elements often speak as loudly as the gameplay itself. One such game that stands out for its detailed and dynamic use of icons and banners is “Ark: Survival Evolved” (2017). This action-packed survival game not only challenges players to adapt and thrive in a dinosaur-populated island but also engages them through its unique and intricate graphic designs. Understanding the game’s symbols can significantly enhance your playing experience. In this guide, we’ll dive into the visual language of Ark: Survival Evolved, focusing on its game icons and banners.

Understanding Ark’s Visual Elements

Ark: Survival Evolved uses a variety of icons and banners to communicate with players. From indicating the status of your character’s health to showcasing different types of resources and equipment, these visual cues are essential for mastering the game.

Key Game Icons

  • Health: Represented by a heart, monitors your survival against the harsh conditions and creatures.
  • Stamina: Indicated by a lightning bolt, showing the energy level of your character.
  • Hunger: Displayed as a fork and knife, reminding you to feed your character to maintain strength.
  • Thirst: Illustrated by a water drop, it’s crucial to keep an eye on this for survival.
  • Weight: Signified by a scale, it limits how much inventory you can carry.

Game Banners

Banners in Ark: Survival Evolved serve as flags identifying players’ tribes or commemorating achievements within the game. They’re customizable, allowing players to express their identity and accomplishments.

Importance of Game Icons and Banners

The game’s icons and banners do far more than make the screen look attractive; they provide players with vital information needed to navigate the world of Ark efficiently. Recognizing these symbols at a glance could be the difference between survival and defeat.

Tips for Using Icons and Banners Effectively

  1. Customize your tribe banner to stand out and make your base easier to locate.
  2. Regularly check the status icons to maintain your character’s health and resources.
  3. Understand the icons related to dinosaurs and other creatures to better prepare for encounters.
  4. Use banners to mark explored territories and resources.


Ark: Survival Evolved combines the thrill of discovery and survival with a deep visual system of icons and banners. By familiarizing yourself with these elements, you can transform your gameplay, becoming more efficient, aware, and ultimately more successful in the prehistoric world of Ark. As you navigate through dangerous terrains, remember that every icon and banner is a guidepost to mastering this immersive game.