Understanding the roles within a General Staff during an emergency response or incident management scenario is crucial for effective operation. One key component is the preparation of Incident Action Plans (IAPs), a task assigned to a specific General Staff member. This guide dives into the details of which general staff member is responsible for this critical duty, enhancing your incident management knowledge.

Introduction to Incident Action Plans

Incident Action Plans (IAPs) are systematic, proactive guides designed to address objectives during an emergency response phase. They offer a clear strategy for managing resources, directing operations, and providing safety measures for responders and the public. IAPs are foundational in emergency preparedness and response, making the role of their preparation pivotal within the Incident Command System (ICS).

Who Prepares the Incident Action Plans?

The Planning Section Chief, a key general staff member in the Incident Command System, is primarily responsible for the development and preparation of Incident Action Plans. This individual works under the command of the Incident Commander and coordinates closely with other sections and units within the General Staff to create comprehensive, effective plans tailored to each operational period.

Responsibilities of the Planning Section Chief

  • Gathering, evaluating, and disseminating tactical information.
  • Preparing and documenting Incident Action Plans.
  • Conducting long-range and/or contingency planning.
  • Allocating resources as per the incident’s requirements.
  • Maintaining information on the current and forecasted situation and the status of resources.

Importance of Quizlet in Learning about ICS Roles

Quizlet is an invaluable educational tool that facilitates learning through flashcards, games, and tests. For individuals studying the Incident Command System, Quizlet provides an accessible platform to familiarize themselves with the various roles within the General Staff, including the intricate responsibilities of the Planning Section Chief in preparing Incident Action Plans. By utilizing Quizlet, learners can enhance their understanding and retention of these critical concepts through interactive study methods.

Benefits of Using Quizlet for ICS Training

Benefit Description
Interactive Learning Learners engage with material actively, making it easier to memorize and understand complex roles.
Accessibility Quizlet’s online platform allows users to study from anywhere, at any time, facilitating continuous learning.
Versatility With various study modes, users can choose how they prefer to learn, accommodating different learning styles.
Community Learning Users can share study materials and collaborate on learning, fostering a community of practice.


In the realm of incident management, the preparation of Incident Action Plans is a crucial task that falls predominantly under the jurisdiction of the Planning Section Chief. This General Staff member’s role is vital for structuring a coherent response strategy, making their work indispensable in emergency situations. Through platforms like Quizlet, learning about these roles and their functions is made engaging and accessible, providing a solid foundation for those aspiring to excel in incident command. Understanding who prepares the IAP and how they do it not only benefits individuals in the emergency management field but also enhances overall community resilience by fostering informed, efficient, and effective response efforts.