Blooket, an innovative educational platform, redefines the learning experience with fun and interactive games. Teachers across the globe are increasingly incorporating Blooket into their teaching methods to engage students more effectively. One feature of great interest is sharing a Blooket set with other teachers. This can be invaluable for collaborating on lesson plans or simply spreading engaging content. In this guide, we will walk you through how to share a Blooket with another teacher, ensuring you can maximize the potential of this excellent educational tool.

Step 1: Access Your Blooket Dashboard

Firstly, sign in to your Blooket account at Once logged in, navigate to your dashboard where all your created Blookets are displayed. This is your starting point for sharing educational content with peers.

Step 2: Select the Blooket Set to Share

From your dashboard, browse through your Blooket sets and choose the one you wish to share. Click on the specific set to open its detailed view.

Step 3: Locate the Share Option

Within the selected Blooket set’s details, look for the “Share” button. It’s often located near the top or at the side of the page. Clicking this button will generate a unique link to your Blooket set.

Step 4: Share the Link

Once you have the link, you have several options to share it:

  • Direct email: Send the link via email directly to colleagues.
  • Social media: Share the Blooket on platforms like Twitter for broader educational outreach.
  • Copy link: Copy and paste the link into any document or chat application for easy access.

Tips for Collaborative Success

Sharing Blookets can revolutionize the way educators work together. Here are a few tips to ensure collaborative success:

  1. Always provide context or instructions when sending Blookets to help recipients understand how to use them.
  2. Encourage feedback from other teachers to continuously improve the shared content.
  3. Regularly explore new Blookets to keep your shared resources fresh and engaging.

Benefits of Sharing Blookets

By sharing Blookets amongst teachers, the educational community can reap several benefits:

  • Efficiency: Saves time in lesson planning and resource creation.
  • Engagement: Increases student engagement with a variety of learning methods.
  • Collaboration: Fosters a community of sharing, innovation, and support among educators.


Sharing a Blooket with another teacher is a straightforward process that can significantly impact educational delivery. Following the steps outlined in this guide will ensure you can easily share interactive and fun learning sets, fostering a community of collaboration and continuous improvement among educators. Embrace the power of Blooket to transform your teaching experience and that of your fellow teachers.